Before booking


1. Is my booking a shared or private transfer?

All bookings offered are for private transfers and only fully licensed & insured vehicles. Your group will travel in a vehicle for exclusive use. This allows you to avoid queues, save waiting times for other passengers and enable you to go straight to your destination without stopping.


2. I have to travel to Malaga airport, but I can’t find the town or my final destination.

airportmalagatransfers.com offers its services with origin or destination at Malaga Airport to all locations in Spain. In the case that you can’t find your destination in our booking engine or pricelist, please send us your petition via email.


3. Can I pay in advance?

No. Paying in advance is not allowed. For your own safety, we don’t admit any way to pay in advance. You can pay at your destination to your chauffeur with card or in cash.


4. What is the baggage allowance per person?

The standard baggage allowance is a suitcase of a maximum total size of 140cm (height + width + depth) per passenger. Station Wagons admits large baggage but not unlimited.

Please, book a vehicle with adequate capacity for the needs of your group. If the transfer vehicle you book doesn’t have sufficient capacity, you may be required to pay for a second vehicle to be sent.


5. Can I bring extra baggage, sports equipment or big items like a folding wheelchair?

In our booking process, you have the option of indicating if you have any special needs during your trip. If your extra baggage doesn’t appear with the vehicle you’ve chosen or the option doesn’t exist, please indicate your requirements in “ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE OR COMMENTS” of your booking. In case of doubt, we recommend booking the Station Wagon or a People Carrier vehicle.


6. Travelling with children?

All our vehicles are adapted to hold child car seats. During the booking process, you have the option of adding free child seats. airportmalagatransfers.com takes the safety of its passengers very seriously, particularly that of children.


7. My group is travelling with a baby stroller. Is it possible to bring it?

Yes. The vehicle can accommodate a baby stroller or prams for children. Children and babies count as passengers when booking your vehicle and they can also carry one piece of luggage (suitcase or stroller) as well as a handbag.

Taking this into account, if your baggage exceeds the set limit in the general conditions, please add the extras you need in the corresponding step of the booking process or reserve a bigger vehicle.


8. A member of my group uses a wheelchair. What should I do?

In the booking process, indicate that someone from your group is travelling with a foldable wheelchair. We don’t charge any additional costs for travelling with a foldable wheelchair but you must select the right vehicle for this requirement (Station Wagon or People Carrier). Unfortunately, we don’t offer adapted vehicles for an electronic wheelchair or an electronic scooter.


9. Travelling with a pet?

If you’re travelling with a pet, please indicate your requirements in “ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE OR COMMENTS” of your booking. We’ll offer you an adequate vehicle for your needs.


10. Will I be taken to and picked up directly from my hotel/private address?

Yes. All of our private journeys take your group directly to your hotel/private address and in the same way, we’ll collect you at this same spot on the day of your return journey. Only allowed or paved roads. In case of an impediment to picking you up from your location address or drop off, we will provide you with the best alternative or solution.


11. Is it possible to make a stop along the way to collect keys to the accommodation?

Yes. It’s possible to make a stop (for no more than 15 minutes) for the collection of keys, shopping or similar but it’s is absolutely required to indicate in your booking process in “ADDITIONAL LUGGAGE OR COMMENTS“. This stop is only possible if it’s in the same locality, resort or straightway as to where the group is heading. In case you don’t indicate your required stop in your booking process, your driver won’t be bound to stop.


12. I need a receipt/invoice for the contracted services. Can you provide it for me after the booking’s been carried out?

Yes. Please request your invoice by email at [email protected] and you will receive the receipt corresponding to your booking.


13. Last minute booking

airportmalagatransfers.com accepts bookings up to 1 hour before the required journey time but we can not ensure a confirmation within 24 hours prior to your collection time.


14. Our group arrives on two different flights, but we would like to travel in the same vehicle. Is it possible?

As flights are often delayed we don’t recommend this type of service given that the driver only monitors one flight number at a time and will only wait up to one hour after its arrival. If you finally decide to book two different flights, please provide us with both flight numbers. Your transfer driver will be waiting for the last one.


On departure

1. What do I need to bring with me?

You need to bring a printed copy of your booking confirmation which you received by email or an electronic copy from your smartphone or tablet. You will need to show it to the driver at the meeting point. The driver needs to keep a signed copy of the booking confirmation for his register. Also, don’t forget to bring your essentials such as your ID Card or passport, credit cards, plane tickets, charged mobile phone, plug adaptors, chargers and if needed, medication.


2. Where will my group meet with the driver? Where is the meeting point?


The solid details about meeting the driver at the airport are provided in your booking confirmation. The driver will wait for you at the arrival hall after the group has collected their luggage and passed through customs. Your driver will be holding a sign with the name of the main passenger which was provided during the booking process.


To the airport

If the collection point is a hotel, the driver will meet the group in the lobby at the entrance of the hotel. If the collection point is a private home or apartment, the whole group will have to be waiting at the place specified at the time indicated in the booking confirmation. In other cases, during the booking process, please provide us with the full address including precise details (plaza, street, postcode etc.) of where the group wants to be collected.


3. How long will the driver wait for us at the airport after baggage collection and passing through customs?

The driver will monitor the arrival time of your flight and will wait up to 60 minutes after the plane has landed. In the event that a member of your group loses a suitcase, is injured or is being held in customs, please send someone from the group to meet with the driver or call us at our emergency phone number included in your booking confirmation to inform us of the incident.


4. What happens if my flight is delayed?

All our drivers monitor the arrival times of flights to ensure that they collect you on time in the event of a minor delay. If your flight number changes, is reprogrammed or a major delay occurs (more than 2 hours), please call our 24-hour emergency phone number, which you’ll find on your booking confirmation or send us a message to our email address [email protected], to let us know of the changes.


5. Could my driver stop during the journey to pick up some keys or make a small purchase?

If you need to stop during the journey to pick up keys or make a small purchase, you are entitled to a free 15-minute stop if you let us know in advance. Otherwise, your driver is not obligated to stop along the way. However, in line with our service schedule, your driver will be happy to attend to your request if it is possible.


6. What happens if my driver is delayed?

We’ll reconfirm all the journeys with our drivers before the collection date. In the unlikely event that the driver arrives late, please ring us on our emergency phone number, provided on your booking confirmation and our customer services team will assist you immediately. Note that due to adverse conditions or traffic, you can only consider the driver late if he isn’t present for your collection up to 15 minutes after the fixed time on your booking confirmation. Anyway, call us after 1 wait minute if your driver is delayed.


7. My travel details have changed. Can I modify the details of my transfer?

Yes. You can make changes up to 24 hours before the fixed time for your journey. To do this, send an email to our customer services team at [email protected]
All of the changes are subject to the confirmation of the local operator and if the change increases the service cost (vehicle change, destination, extras etc.) it should be paid after your journey. Please consult our Terms and Conditions for more information.


8. I want to cancel my journey. How can I do it?

Any journey can be cancelled without charges at any time but we kindly please ask you to inform us up to 24 hours before the pickup time by sending us an email at [email protected]. In case you need to cancel your trip within 24 hours prior to your collection time, please call us ASAP at our emergency phone number.


9. I’ve booked already, but I still haven’t received my booking confirmation.

Booking confirmations are processed as quickly as possible and are sent out as soon as possible. Allow our customer services team 4 hours to process your booking and send you confirmation by email within opening hours (08 am to 20:00). If after this time you still haven’t received your booking confirmation by email, confirm first that it hasn’t been sent to your spam/junk folder. If so, add our email address ([email protected]) to your contacts list to avoid this happening again in the future. If you haven’t received it, email us and provide us with another email address to which we can send your booking confirmation.


10. Is it necessary to reconfirm my journeys?

No, we take care of everything. A day before each journey we confirm all the transfers with our drivers. You only have to remember to bring a printed copy of your booking confirmation or show it on your electronic screen and enjoy the journey!


After Journey

1. How can I thank, give comments or suggestions?

You can send us your ideas or suggestions for the future at any time to [email protected]

2. I’m very satisfied with the service I received. Now, what do I do?

We have Google Business and TripAdvisor profiles. Share your experience with friends or via social networking. We exert ourselves to provide you with the best experience possible. Enjoy your stay in Spain!

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